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Sweeney Todd
Stray Dog Theatre

Director: Justin Been

Scenic Design: Rob Lippert

Costume Design: Ryan B. Moore 

Lighting Design: Tyler Duenow

Snoop's Theatre Thoughts

"...Ryan Moore’s colorful, meticulously detailed costumes help to set the mood of the production, which keeps an urgent pace throughout as the story starts out dark and only gets darker as the story progresses."- Michelle Kenyon

Ladue News

"Ryan Moore’s costume design dresses the street folks in appropriately squalid tatters, while saving more elegant wardrobes for Judge Turpin and Johanna."- Mark Bretz

IMG_1185 2.JPG
Adolfo Pirelli
IMG_1186 2.JPG
IMG_1187 2.JPG
Tobias Ragg
IMG_1188 2.JPG
Beggar Woman
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